Volunteer With Us

Volunteer with us either online or physically

You can volunteer with us either online or physically to help us advance with our mission and visions. For now, the following volunteering opportunities exist within GERAS CAMEROON:

Online Fundraising Volunteer

Position Summary

GERAS CAMEROON’s Online Fundraising Volunteer will be responsible for communicating GERAS CAMEROON’s work and generating support for its programs through organizational marketing, online communications and events.

The Online Fundraising Volunteer will work closely with the Executive Director of GERAS CAMEROON and the Executive Director of the volunteer’s affiliated Organization abroad.

This position is intended to be treated by a Volunteering Organization on behalf of the volunteer. So, interested volunteers should contact their host organizations to apply, as the volunteer has to volunteer for GERAS CAMEROON while still performing his or her duties with the Volunteering Organization.


  • Development of fundraising strategies, monthly and annually,
  • Researching of potential donors,
  • Drafting of fundraising letters,
  • Sending out letters to potential donors on behalf of GERAS CAMEROON
  • Updating simultaneously the Directors of GERAS CAMEROON and Volunteering Organization.

Required Skills and Personal Qualities

  • Volunteer of an International Volunteering Organization,
  • Interested in working on environmental issues and young people,
  • Experience in Online Fundraising,
  • Experience in a Communication or Fundraising environment desirable,
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills,
  • Strong planning, Organization and Time Management skills,
  • Excellent computer skills,
  • Commitment to volunteerism.


The Host Volunteering Organization, interested in the work of GERAS CAMEROON and environmental conservation, and ready to engage in a long term partnership agreement with GERAS CAMEROON.

Specific Terms

  • Applicant Volunteering Organization accepts to host and supervise the Online Fundraising Volunteer’s work for GERAS CAMEROON,
  • Volunteer reports to Volunteering Organization and GERAS CAMEROON simultaneously,
  • Applicant Volunteering Organization accepts to discuss long term partnership agreement with GERAS CAMEROON which will include a regular volunteer placement of at least a volunteer to accompany and work with the GERAS CAMEROON team each year.
  • Other specific terms will be agreed upon during discussions between GERAS and the Volunteering Organization.

Please check out @GERASCAMEROON on Twitter https://twitter.com/GERASCAMEROON Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/gerc.environment/

United nation’s ECOSOC Accredited.

One Percent for the Planet One Percent For The Planet and Network of African Youths for Development (NAYD) www.nayd.org/geras.htm


The Promoter

Ndzishepngong Kelvin Ngwang