Geo-Environmental Resource Association (GERAS)

GERAS complies with GIVINGWAY, can now receive FUNDS and VOLUNTEERS Worldwide.

Effective fundraising for nonprofits is a critical job and an area where you will likely focus considerable energy. As a nonprofit organization, you probably have extremely limited time and resources available to maximize return on investment (ROI), whether that investment is staff time, volunteer time, or financial resources. You can increase your ROI by reducing expenses or increasing income (donations, grants, in-kind gifts, etc). Effective fundraising has the potential to accomplish both at the same time!
Volunteers are essential for nonprofits. In a sector where we usually have more work to do than we have staff to do it, volunteers boost our power, lighten the load, and exponentially increase our impact. Best of all, they do it because they believe in the cause and want to help. But how do we find these superstars who freely give their time, energy, and expertise? Where are they all hiding?
GivingWay is a For-Profit tech company that is blending together some of the hottest trends in the travel, tech and “Do Good” industries to support good causes across the globe. Givingway receives a commission on transactions that run through its platform such as volunteering fees paid to nonprofits and donations made through its system. Givingway believes that great businesses can drive impact on a very wide scale and they are working hard to achieve this. The world has definitely become a global village. Traveling has become much more accessible and digital platforms are connecting people from all corners of the earth. This growing sense of “closeness” has spread also to the Do-Good field and people are looking to support causes they care about not only in their own neighborhoods but in faraway places as well. Education, environment, health care, animal-welfare and a wide range of great causes are not only cared for on a local level, but also on a wider, international level. Giveway makes it easy for nonprofits to clearly communicate their needs, and for people to give their time, skills or funds in the most effective way possible. By volunteering abroad, volunteering online, donating funds or even just hitting the “Share” button – supporting great causes can take many shapes and forms, and Giveway makes it all possible.
GERAS on the other hand needs volunteers to help build the organization’s capacity in fundraising, strategic planning, project writing, partnership building, social media updates, project implementation, teaching environmental education and conservation in its partner schools, work on its current ebook project etc. 
GERAS’ application to join many non-profit making organizations benefitting from the Givingway platform has been screened and approved. As such, GERAS can now receive funds and volunteers worldwide.
Visit GERAS’ profile on Givingway and take actions (Donate, apply to volunteer, or simply share the link to your networks). Meanwhile, the Givingway Donate button is very visible on GERAS’ Official Website.
This is a big step to favour professional development Nationally and Internationally.