@GERASCAMEROON Crowdfunding Launch at @StartSomeGood.com with #PowerOf

Press Release for GERAS’ Crowdfunding at StartSomeGood.com
November 29, 2015
GERAS honors invitation from Denis & Lenora Foretia Foundation
December 4, 2015

@GERASCAMEROON Crowdfunding Launch at @StartSomeGood.com with #PowerOf


join our campaign at startsomegood.com

With only 28 days left to reach our goal, we are happy to launch and share samples to help our supporters tell a short story on social media as they support us.
Starting the crowdfunding campaign a few weeks ago, one of our greatest challenges was to reach out to as many supporters as possible. We shared contents on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, StartSomeGood, The Pollination Project, www.five-feet.org, Our Official Website and Other networks. We also aligned the fundraising event with the International Climate summit (COP-21) this December, enabling supporters to have an option to give in honor of this event. We also talked directly to individuals who were happy to support.
So we have developed this major template based on the #PowerOf what motivates you to support our campaign and how you learnt about our campaign. You can also donate because someone asked you to do so or in the name of Someone Special. In that case, use #PowerOf @twitteraddress of the person that asked you to donate, e.g #PowerOf @ndzishepngong
For example, if you learnt about our campaign through Twitter, use:
Horay!!!! I just supported a @GERASCAMEROON https://startsomegood.com/geras project on @StartSomeGood.com, Do Same! #PowerOfTwitter
Depending on your motivation, you can change #PowerofTwitter with PowerOfFacebook, PowerOfLinkedIn, PowerofGoogle+, #PowerOfPressRelease, #PowerOfGERASWebsite, #PowerOfCOP21, #PowerOfThePollinationProject, #PowerOfPartners, #PowerOfFriendship, #PowerOfClimateChange, #PowerOfAfrica, #PowerOfFamily, #PowerOf(yourchoice)…………..
You can also present more than one motivation, e.g #PowerOfTwitter #PowerOf @GonePlaces #PowerOf @Pollinationproj
Have fun while helping us reach our goal. Share with your friends and networks so that we can start some good. We only receive funds if we meet our goal: We want to go beyond our goal. https://www.startsomegood.com/venture/geoenvironmental_resource_association_geras/campaigns/show/climate_change_workshop_for_young_people
Open the template on word Document template so that you can easily copy and paste on your sharing platforms.

Let’s keep sharing
The GERAS Fundraising Team

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