Geo-Environmental Resource Association (GERAS)

Climate change workshop for young people holds successfully

workshopOn Saturday the 23rd of April 2016, 97 pupils and 8 teachers from 7 primary schools in Kumba, converged at Diligent Bilingual School (DBS) and took part in a rich workshop focused on climate change. The workshop familiarized young people with terminologies linked with climate change, made them to know how greenhouse works, how climate change affects us, and how we can fight climate change. They were introduced to the concept of School Environmental Management Plan (SEMP) using Sustainableschoolsnsw, with the Pupil Environmental Review Key Stage 1 & 2 (a working document from Eco-Schools), being the key working document for the exercise. The young people were led through an interactive session on the importance of tree planting. They were also trained on how to carryout interpersonal sensitization on climate change. A slide projection phase crowned the learning part of the workshop, where the young participants watched pictures of how climate change occurs, and were shown what other young people around the world are doing to protect the planet. At the end of the workshop, certificates of achievement were awarded to the young participants and their teachers. The pupils were very contented with the knowledge and skills gained; and the rich logistics that accompanied the workshop. Tree planting sessions will take place before the academic year runs out. At least 100 trees will be planted during this next phase.
The workshop was co-sponsored by Captain Planet Foundation and The Pollination project, with hosting support from Diligent Foundation.