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How to donate to @GERASCAMEROON with #Bitcoins

bitpayMost of the nonprofits soliciting bitcoin as a donation method don’t even accept it directly, but go through Payment processor services, like BitPay, who exchange some or all of the Bitcoin for cash at the time of the donation and pass the cash to the charity, avoiding uncertainty about volatility.
With Bitcoin getting by far, the most attention nonprofits saw an opportunity to secure a new way of having new income. Non-profits have been realizing the potential of digital currency offering lower transaction costs and saw a perfect match into their business model. Bitcoin has become a philanthropic currency. Like Bitcoin, social good doesn’t have geographical boundaries, nor should it be limited by donation fees.
You can donate some Bitcoin to GERAS Cameroon without handing out sensitive information, and you don’t need an account. You can donate by just following these three simple steps:
1 – Get a wallet
2 – Buy some Bitcoin
3 – Donate
Get details through the link How to Pay with Bitcoin
You can donate bitcoins directly on GERAS’ website or on the customized webpage on BitPay.
Connect with and follow @GERASCAMEROON on Twitter to engage in our bitcoin awareness and fundraising.
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GERAS Cameroon complies with Bitpay, accepts #Bitcoin donations on its website!!!
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