GERAS seals partnership with One Percent for the Planet.

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March 21, 2016
GERAS Receives Grant from Captain Planet Foundation
March 21, 2016

GERAS seals partnership with One Percent for the Planet.



A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is simply a written agreement to identify the working relationships and guidelines between collaborating entities. An MOU spells out the common understandings. It clarifies what kind of support will be provided and creates more meaningful ways for communication or participation. It defines the rights and responsibilities of each involved entity. Maybe you’re partnering for a one-time project, or starting a long-term relationship. A Memorandum of Understanding allows you to lay out the terms in writing.
In August 2015, GERAS became an approved non-profit partner of 1% for the Planet.
In February 2016, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the CEOs of the two organizations.
“With this MOU signed, GERAS is encouraged and empowered as it continues to build its capacities”, said GERAS’ CEO Ndzishepngong Kelvin Ngwang.
“We are excited about further solidifying this partnership and look forward to our continued work together” said Emily Pendergraft, the Membership Manager for non-profits at 1% for the Planet.
Take a look at the Press Release here.

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